About Willow Tree Willow Tree Auto Repair is the story of Dennis Richards whose lifelong passion for automobiles is the secret of Willow Tree Auto success. The story begins in the Ithaca High School class of a while ago when Dennis was asked to start a vocation auto repair program combining his studies with several days a week apprenticeship in a local auto repair shop.  He graduated from this to carrying responsibilities for 5 bays of repairs at a large chain store.   When the lack of challenge there left him bored he moved on to a general auto repair shop and at the ripe age of 23 to his own repair shop in Cortland.  The draw of family pulled him back to George Jr. Republic where he worked as a Automotive Repair teacher and fleet mechanic for 14 years along with his dad who worked there for many decades.  As way moved on to way Dennis returned to several shops only to find that his drive for perfection over the fast return on work valued more for speed than care was unappreciated by owners so in 1987 he oppened his own shop full time in it’s current location.  For these almost 20 years Dennis has relied on word of mouth to carry his story of very high quality work, reasonable prices, delivered with integrity to the some 4,000 cars he cares for like children. Bring your car to Willow Tree Auto Repair and be part of a very special group of people. Created by Finger Lakes Webs © All Rights Reserve Willow Tree Auto